Canada Goose OVO Chilliwack Bomber limited joint digital camouflage down jacket torso

“Canada says singing Drake brands October’s Very Own (OVO) stub recently communities Canada Goose feather brand cooperation, launched a series of autumn/winter 2014 United. The total plan to launch a plume jacket, one feather vest, all in black and gray camouflage Military Forum style of matching Orange inner unlined garment because Zambia, with OVO Logos Owl time not when fully furnished apartments in the chest, and inner unlined garment, cloth on the standard. ”

Honestly Canada goose outlet is a strange brand, because I have never been in Canada saw his store (at least in Vancouver), website does not directly sell products. The Barneys in New York buy this is met. Specially produced mobile Internet search, said he would never return to Canada to buy canada goose toronto because the lower Canadian dollar exchange rate, it is found only in Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony (a buyer’s shop) sells, so only start.

Clothing pattern are Digital Camo, and ordinary, canada goose Chilliwack bomber unlike traditional camouflage. Exposed parts of the inside of clothing including hats is orange, cheap canada goose and is conspicuous. Personally like this color.


Clothes for warmth without too much comment, people’s perception of hot and cold are subjective. Me a thin long sleeve, this could go to the outside. New York at around zero, has also been put on the Empire State building, the wind really blew the viewing platform are shaking … Windproof performance is good, basically not feel cold.

Shoulder black Canada goose logo and general product compared to the white-dominated not so conspicuous. Sleeve inside has zipper, you can take cards, keys and other small items. Hat hair, said Wolf hair on some of the information, accurate, Coyote (Coyote), Coyote animal in North America canada goose discount was relatively low, will be found in the city, my school is just a few … And the Wolf should be protected cannot be killed, this is less clear. Clothes OVO OWL LOGO embroidery on the inside, pretty cute.

Next size problem, this model is the canada goose Chilliwack bomber, should be also other non-joint size is the same. Want to buy this type of friends you can refer to. I’m 178, shoulders wide, bought the XS; I like the clothes fit better, think this size is perfect. Sleeve length on the wrists slightly above

I see other shared was said to wear other clothes so don’t take too little, however, please take into account the BOMBER itself was short, his original intention was to short, upper body is strong. So as long as the length of the pants belt position about it, so it will look good. For a heavy BOMBER JACKET, size before you buy, you will look like a Michelin …

Effects of for example Kanye wearing exaggerate a little, but the dimensions of the bomber appeared to be this feeling

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